Christmas at our house

Tim and I struggle with this holiday because we aren’t religious nor do we want to perpetuate the present side of the holidays so we are left wondering how to make it work for us.  It may sound Scrooge-ish but seriously, how much STUFF does one need?  And why?  With that being said, and until we figure out how we fit into this holiday, we are going with the flow.  Because of work schedules and family commitments the kids get 3 days of opening presents.  Day 1 is today at our house and then later at Aunt Barb’s.  Tomorrow is Xmas Eve so we will be on the road to Grandma Rosie’s once we are both done work, and Day 3 is the big day in Pittsburgh.  Here are some photos from Day 1, we are very thankful for the Uncle and Aunt’s that thought of our kids…

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Catching up

I’ve been working way too much so that means not much time for frivolous activities, like blogging.  I figured this Sunday evening would be a good time to throw some pictures out there.


Just some photos from hanging out in the back yard, at swimming lessons; level Sea Otter, her tattoo, Sam turning 11 months, our family picnic, and playing with Anna and Matthew.  It was great to see the Jackson family and can’t wait to catch up with the rest of the Saskatchewan gang…hopefully for a week in November!

This weekend, August long, we are off camping.  Over the past few days everyone but Sam was hit hard with a nasty tummy bug.  We have all seemed to get over it rather quickly and are now looking forward to some fun with friends!

Have August long weekend, everyone!

Family resemblances

My Auntie Pat sent me this photo of my Grandma Doris; taken when she was 3.  She believes there is a resemblance between Grandma and Emily so she asked me to take a similar photo of Emily to compare.  I believe she is right!  This is just the first attempt at replicating the photo.  Emily was more than willing to do as I asked but we were rushed so the pose isn’t exactly right, nor is the background.  We’ll do it outside for real with a blanket that resembles Grandma’s.  I could not figure out how to successfully email the photo to my Aunt, nor could it be published to facebook, so when in doubt wordpress is the answer.

Just a few random pictures from playing


Rainy Days

The rainy Saskatchewan weather has hit us so today we are baking and going through closets again.  We are all going to do a bedroom swap, partly because I want a change and partly because some of the furniture fits better in other rooms.   Today is a good day to get that started.  First thing this morning we made our favourite banana muffins and watched our tent blow out of the yard.  This afternoon they are finger painting while I finish up the closets and wash the walls to get ready for paint.

In other news Emily has allergies but cannot be treated for them because of her heart.  So the poor girl will have to deal with blowing her nose every 30 seconds and treating her chapped skin every night until she grows out of them, which we hope she does…soon!  In the meantime, I think I will buy stock in Kleenex!

Sam is great!  He has 6 teeth now so no longer is he our vampire baby.  The teeth made their descent one at a time, just as one was settling in the next one would pop through so we had several weeks of a sore mouth with swollen gums.  I must say he and Emily handle teething really well but I am glad I don’t have to go through it all again, I can’t imagine how much it would hurt.

I have accepted a position in Stratford at the main branch, I am pretty excited about it because the opportunities to move up and around are endless.  I also no longer have to deal with my crotchety boss.  Originally, the job began in July which meant cutting my mat leave short by almost 8 weeks but my new boss and Branch Manager said they don’t want to screw me out of that, so yay!

Tim is super swamped at work, too.  I sound like a broken record but I hope for that to come to somewhat of an end.  He finally realized he cannot do it all himself so he’s hired a full time guy which will hopefully alleviate many of the late nights and Saturday work.  He also has 2 part time guys that he contracts stuff out to so we are excited to see where this goes and hope it makes our move to TCI happen sooner rather than later.

Enjoy this gorgeous shot of Provo….I will be gazing at it often on this crappy, rainy day!


Beautiful people

Our weather has been so nice this Spring that most of our time has been spent outside.  Going for walks, playing and just watching our road grow busier and busier as the main highway is closed for construction.  People watching is fun, we think.  Because we have just been doing random things I have no real event or purpose to any photos to post, I’ll just share some recent ones of a few of the beautiful people in my life.

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